13:56 WB 3.0.x Error #116 (New): Templateengine
The outdated template engine 'phplib' is completely replaced by Twig. In the course of this exchange, the display at ...
13:43 WB 3.0.x Feature #115 (New): Languages
The current, global language setting is divided into user/operator language and display language. The first determine...
13:22 WB 3.0.x Security #114 (New): Password encryption / rights management
The previous type of password management is replaced by a new auth module with high-quality encryption. This change a...
12:05 WB 3.0.x Feature #113 (New): Short-Url / Accessfiles
Time to remove *shorturl* from the system. It is too complex and complicated for ordinary users to handle.
At the sa...
10:09 WB 3.0.x Development to WB 3.x has started
Since it's getting harder and harder to extend and improve version 2.x of *WebsiteBaker*, we decided to make major ch...


06:30 WB 2.13.x Revision 20 (wb_2-13-x): preg_split issue fixed


19:03 WB 2.13.x Feature #110 (Rejected): Passwortverschl├╝sselung
Is already included in issue #105 - Authentification
13:13 WB 2.13.x Error #108 (Done): Missing c-type extension or missing c-type methods

There are two solutions available.
# The first and safest method on Linux:
If your server runs on Linux, the prob...
03:01 WB 2.13.x Revision 19 (wb_2-13-x): create private branch
02:58 WB 2.13.x Revision 18 (wb_2-13-x): add folders branches/ and tags/

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