• WB 2.08.x

    Note: The development of the 2.8.x Series will be stopped in January 2017 with the published release of WB 2.10.

    New features from the 2.10.x or higher Series will not be migrated down to 2.8.x.
    Bugfixes and security patches will be moved to 2.10....

  • WB 2.11.0

    This is a new branch of WebsiteBaker Series 2.x
    The initial version was 2.10.0 which is based on a patched WB-2.8.3-SP7.

    Due to the many changes since 2.8.3, the version number is increased to 2.10.0 instead of offering a '2.8.3-SP8'. This version is still down-compatible. Upgrades to 2.10.0 can be done in one single step from every 2.8.3 version....

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