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Missing c-type extension or missing c-type methods

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There are two solutions available.
  1. The first and safest method on Linux:
    If your server runs on Linux, the problem is solved with a few mouse clicks or terminal entries: Just ask your hosting provider to install the ctype extension. The extension is usually included in the PHP package recommended by the PHP group as the default.
  2. With Windows servers it is much more complicated, since the extension has to be compiled into PHP. A userland solution is being worked on here.
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Updated by Dietmar about 2 years ago

Like the description told us, the issue in your case is that ctype_alpha does not exist in your system. You need to make sure that the ctype extension is loaded (it is an extension that is enabled by default when compiling PHP.

Alternatively, if you cannot enable the extension, with our patch we install the symfony/polyfill-ctype composer package which provides a userland implementation of the ctype functions (but be aware that they are slower than using the extension, so if you care about performance, you should definitely work on enabling the extension instead).

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Please download test the newest Patch and inform us the result

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Updated by Manuela 10 months ago

If Twig was installed via Composer, Symfony's C-Type polyfill is also available, which is automatically used completely transparently when necessary.


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