Apply Clear

  • Series - 2

    WB-2.x is the continuation of the WB-2 version line. The basis for WB-2.x is the released, stable version 2.13.3r166.
    From here mainly only functional and security fixes are incorporated.
    Parallel to this line, the development of the new WB-3.x is started. It will receive many changes and improvements, some of which will be far-reaching. You can find more detailed information on this in the corresponding project area....

    • Archive from beginning

      Here you can visit the past. This archive contains the source code since the first use of a version control system in September 2005 until December 2015 (i.e. around 10 years of development history).

    • Core 2.13.x

      From now on, our main focus is on the stability and security of the 2.x series. This means that we will continue to provide this series with functional and security-related fixes as well as adjustments to new, future PHP versions.
      The aim is to get an LTS version (Long-Term-Support) that can continue to serve you for a long time....

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