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16:53 Core 2.13.x Feature #143 (New): Styles in Corefiles
Remove all Styles in Corefiles.Function and Design should be strictly separated. Matthias
16:50 Core 2.13.x Feature #142 (New): account frontend.css
account/frontend.css and account/frontende_body.js should only be loaded if Login or Smart Login is enabled in Settings. Matthias


14:15 WB 2.11.0 Error #46 (Done): Uploading and Unzipping .zip to media directory produces Message in Error Log
If you upload and unzip a zip Package in Media Directory you got the following Message in Error Log.
14:06 WB 2.11.0 Error #45 (Done): jquery-ui.css and jquery-ui-min.js not loaded correct
Accordion did'nt work cause jquery-ui.css and jquery-ui-min.js not loaded correct.
Changing /include/jquery/jquery...


21:55 WB 2.11.0 Error #31 (Done): droplets icon size didn't fit to css
Size of icons in droplets overwiew is 24px. They are enlarged to 30px via css. Please change line 125 of droplets/the... Matthias


09:14 WB 2.11.0 Error #25 (Done): php_error.log display issue
There exists a little Display issue in the php_error.log window. The "X" for closing isn't displayed correct. Can eas... Matthias
08:21 WB 2.11.0 Error #24 (Done): "Design" of config.php is already different
Based on this ticket: [[]], where the technical differences between the conf... Matthias


17:57 WB 2.11.0 Feature #22 (Done): Remove double scrollbars in Droplets overview
Please rework the Overview Design of Droplets 3.0.16, it is terrible. Horizontal and vertical Scrollbars are a absolu... Matthias
17:50 WB 2.11.0 Design #21 (Done): Admintools Page - Description of Admintools is cut off
The description of Admin-Tools is not fully displayed. The available space is limited by design Matthias


07:07 WB 2.11.0 Error #13: remove overflow:hidden from DefaultTheme
Cannot reproduce the reason for not accept the ticket. Removing overflow:hidden has absolutely nothing to do with mod... Matthias

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