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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
54WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalSmartphone images lost their orientation after uploading to media directory2017-07-18 11:37
53WB 2.10.1FeatureNeuNormalFilter JqueryUi2017-07-02 09:44
52WB 2.10.1FeatureNeuNormalMedia Image Auto Resize on Upload2017-05-27 09:57
51WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalcommenting out of html-code will ignored by droplets2017-05-24 09:12
50WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalSortable function in news module doesnt workLuisehahne2017-05-02 15:11WB 2.10.2
49WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalDroplets in news settings not possible2017-05-01 08:17
48WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalRemember me / Smart login2017-04-16 23:37
47WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalModules without uninstall.php cannot be uninstalledDarkviper2017-04-16 22:57
46WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalUploading and Unzipping .zip to media directory produces Message in Error Log2017-04-14 14:15
45WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormaljquery-ui.css and jquery-ui-min.js not loaded correct2017-04-14 14:06
44WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNiedrigoutputfilter filterEmailDarkviper2017-04-12 13:27
43WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNiedrigShow_Menu2() zeigt falsche Klasse2017-04-10 14:02
42WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalCharset-Einstellingen in WB-Optionen2017-04-08 13:10
41WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNiedrigautoParagraph in ckeditor/include.php2017-04-07 02:02
37WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuDringendrename file-name in page-seetings doesnt work correctDarkviper2017-03-16 22:12
36WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNormalAdd button in manage sections2017-03-14 08:11
35WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNormalDroplets overview on smaller screens2017-04-11 10:00
34WB 2.10.1FehlerNeuNormalDroplet sectionpicker referenceError2017-05-22 12:08
33WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNormalIn droplets overview again 2 scrollbars and no space between icons2017-03-14 07:56
30WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNiedrigfalsches Englisch in Datei upgrade-script.php2017-03-04 20:06
29WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNormallanguages variables in native englishLuisehahne2017-03-04 20:05
28WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNiedrigShow secion_id and module-type in backend pages-overview2017-03-04 20:04
21WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNiedrigAdmintools Page - Description of Admintools is cut offLuisehahne2017-03-04 20:03
15WB 2.10.1FeatureNeuNiedrigtry to rename - fresh installDarkviper2017-03-04 00:02
12WB 2.10.1DesignNeuNiedrigMinimized JS for domReady & LoadOnFlyLuisehahne2017-03-04 20:02


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