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Latest projects

  • cwsoft-postits (12/11/2014 08:17 PM)

    Page module: cwsoft-postits

    The cwsoft-postits module allows logged in users to send short text messages (150 characters) to other users or groups via the WebsiteBaker CMS frontend or backend. The Postits (sticky notes) are automatically faded into the frontend and/or backend view, once the recipient has logged into WebsiteBaker, no matter which page is displayed in the browser. The sender can check whether his note was already read by the recipient....

  • cwsoft-anynews (12/11/2014 08:13 PM)

    Code Snippet: cwsoft-anynews

    The code snippet cwsoft-anynews (short form Anynews) is designed to fetch news entries from the WebsiteBaker CMS news module. Invoke the cwsoft-anynews function where you want the news output to appear on your frontend. Optional configuration parameters, HTML templates, content placeholders and CSS definitions allows you to style the news output the way you want. The cwsoft-anynews snippet ships with four templates - including two jQuery sliding effects - ready to use out of the box....

  • cwsoft-addon-file-editor (12/11/2014 08:11 PM)

    Admin module: cwsoft-addon-file-editor

    The cwsoft-addon-file-editor (consecutively abbreviated AFE) enables you to view, edit, delete, create, upload, unzip or backup files of installed Add-ons such as modules, templates or languages from the WebsiteBaker CMS backend. AFE allows you to create installation packages of installed Add-ons, ready for installation in WebsiteBaker - handy for distribution or backup purposes....

  • cwsoft - Modules (collection) (12/11/2014 08:09 PM)

    Modules created by cwsoft

    Collection of modules provided and maintained by cwsoft.

  • Extensions (12/11/2014 08:02 PM)

    Development-Space for WebsiteBaker 2.8.x Extensions
    Each extension developer can request here a own project to maintain his/her extension.
    The source code must not be stored on websitebaker.org. It's possible to connect each external SVN or GIT - repository....