WB 3.0.x: Development to WB 3.x has started

Added by Manuela 6 months ago

Since it's getting harder and harder to extend and improve version 2.x of WebsiteBaker, we decided to make major changes and therefore also increased the major version number to 3.x.
Many backported parts from the next generation of WebsiteBaker, which is completely reprogrammed, have already been included.
On this page we would like to inform you step by step about planned and already implemented changes.

In any case: Don't panic!!. Don't worry about your previous projects. We will definitely continue to maintain the 2.x series for some more time. Even if no more new features will be added, security problems and other errors will continue to be maintained and fixed by us. Of course there will also continue to be support for the previous versions in the forum.

However, we do not want to hide the fact that certainly be problems with third-party modules that are no longer maintained or are not currently maintained. We therefore recommend switching to the first stable version 3.x as soon as it is released and, above all, paying attention to well-maintained third-party modules in existing projects.

Detailed information on the changes can usually be found under the menu item 'Issues'.


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