• WebsiteBaker - 2.x

    WB-2.x is the continuation of the WB-2 version line. The basis for WB-2.x is the released, stable version 2.13.3r166.
    From here mainly only functional and security fixes are incorporated.
    Parallel to this line, the development of the new WB-3.x is started. It will receive many changes and improvements, some of which will be far-reaching. You can find more detailed information on this in the corresponding project area....

    • WB 2.13.x

      From now on, our main focus is on the stability and security of the 2.x series. This means that we will continue to provide this series with functional and security-related fixes as well as adjustments to new, future PHP versions.
      The aim is to get an LTS version (Long-Term-Support) that can continue to serve you for a long time....

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