This version of WebsiteBaker is based on a heavily refactored version of 2.13.x.

As the major version number '3' indicates, this version of WebsiteBaker already contains many new features. The downward compatibility with modules of the 2.x series is not given.
By contrast, many backported parts from the next generation of WebsiteBaker, which is completely reprogrammed, have already been included.

It is possible to convert projects from the 2.x series to 3.x, which is largely done without data loss. Third-party modules are not supported by us. The conversion of third-party modules is exclusively the task of the respective module maintainer.

NOTE: All developments for versions from 3.0.0 must comply with the Coding Standards of WebsiteBaker.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Linux (Windows can work, but must not)
  • mySQL-8.5 up or MariaDb-10.x up
  • Apache2 (InternetInformationServer can work, but must not)
  • PHP-8.1 and up (FastCGI/FPM), compiled according to the default settings of the PHP Group
    (note: mod_php does not work!)
  • Mandatory PHP modules: mbstring, zip&|zlib, mcrypt, ctype, iconv, intl,

Addons that do not meet this requirement will not be added to the installation repository.

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Developer: Dietmar, Manuela

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Development to WB 3.x has started
We decided to increased the major version number of WebsiteBaker to 3.x.
Added by Manuela 6 months ago

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