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  • WB 2.13.x (Reporter, 2.13-Tester, 2018-11-22)



10:15 WB 2.13.x Feature #79 (Neu): Disable section with 1 click
Would be nice you can disable a section with 1 click.
Not in the "Manage Sections" area. I mean in the "Modify Page"...
10:06 WB 2.13.x Feature #78 (Neu): Sesson timeout warning
Would be good to know if the session has expired.
If you work in the backend and you don't save anything in between,...


09:33 WB 2.13.x Feature #77 (Neu): Shorturl
Please make it possible to use WB without /pages and .php/html in the URL.
It's not a SEO question, but better reada...


10:20 WB 2.13.x Feature #70: Set backend logo in WB settings
Maybe it is enough to have a logoUser.png there?
Like the frontendUser.css/js handling.


12:07 WB 2.13.x Feature #76 (Neu): Multilingual activ/inactiv
In case of not needed multilingual function, it should be possible to deactivate it.
So no frontend.css is loaded.


17:02 WB 2.13.x Feature #73 (Neu): noindex, nofollow in page settings
Would be nice you can check/uncheck noindex and/or nofollow in every page (settings).
09:03 WB 2.13.x Feature #72 (Neu): Media dropzone
A fileuploader as dropzone to upload more as one file (instead to choose 10 single files) in media would be nice.
09:00 WB 2.13.x Feature #71 (Neu): Select backend start page in WB settings
Often (i think 99%) the users want after login goes to the pages overview.
So why not set in WB settings the backend...
08:57 WB 2.13.x Feature #70 (Neu): Set backend logo in WB settings
Would be nice if the (client) logo for login and backend can be set in WB settings.
It replaces the WB-logo.
08:53 WB 2.13.x Feature #69 (Neu): move sections to another page
Would be nice if sections could be moved to another page.
All kinds of sections.

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