Feature #113

Updated by Manuela 2 months ago

Time to remove _shorturl_ '_shorturl_' from the system. It is too complex and complicated for ordinary users to handle.
At the same time, all the great effort to generate and maintain the mass of access files disappears. The '_PAGES_DIRECTORY_' folder will also be deleted.

The replacement: Is a straightforward, core-integrated routing module that handles all addressing. It offers several options for address structure, which can be changed with a simple mouse click.
Of course, the conventional access file addresses from *WebsiteBaker* WebsiteBaker as well as the _short-url_ short-url generated addresses continue to work without any problems. So no links (from search engines or other sites) are lost. In other words: the new routing is 100% SEO-safe.
The first tests with _WB-2.13.x_ WB-2.13.x have been successful so far.