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11:37 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #54 (Neu): Smartphone images lost their orientation after uploading to media directory
After backend upload to media directory some smartphone images with orientation portrait will displayed in landscape ...


09:44 WB 2.10.1 Feature #53 (In Bearbeitung): Filter JqueryUi
Maybe it is a good idea to split the filter Jquery into 2 filters Jquery and JqueryUi.
Many people needs jQuery, but...


09:57 WB 2.10.1 Feature #52 (Neu): Media Image Auto Resize on Upload
From this post: https://forum.websitebaker.org/index.php/topic,30322.msg211393.html#msg211393
A global upload size a...


09:12 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #51 (Abgewiesen): commenting out of html-code will ignored by droplets
If you commenting out a <!-- html block --> in template index.php, a droplet inside of this block will executed.


12:08 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #34: Droplet sectionpicker referenceError
Sectionpicker trys to load frontend.js/css of every module. Here is maybe a "if is_readable" query a good solution.


08:17 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #49 (Erledigt): Droplets in news settings not possible
In "General Settings" of news module it is not possible to add droplet calls (e.g. in the Footer). They will be remov...


10:00 WB 2.10.1 Design #35: Droplets overview on smaller screens
Looks good now in Rev 95.


08:11 WB 2.10.1 Design #36 (In Bearbeitung): Add button in manage sections
The add button in manage sections is little bit to small.
See attachment.
08:02 WB 2.10.1 Design #35 (In Bearbeitung): Droplets overview on smaller screens
If you make the browser smaller (width) the overview is some unlucky.
Important is the dropletname and the action ic...
07:56 WB 2.10.1 Design #33: In droplets overview again 2 scrollbars and no space between icons
Kann gelöscht werden, ist in rev77 ok.

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