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13:24 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #58 (In Bearbeitung): Upgrade failes whem template directory is same as module or language...
*When doing upgrades...*
The install_struct.sql will rebuild the addons table, but it uses a unique constraint on ...


23:37 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #48 (In Bearbeitung): Remember me / Smart login
It still is possible to set the remember_me option on frontend login and in the admin settings.
The option itself is...
22:57 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #47 (Neu): Modules without uninstall.php cannot be uninstalled
I understand the requirement, but it is a problem for websites that upgrade or use old modules.
I would suggest to r...


23:16 WB 2.10.1 Fehler #38 (Erledigt): Outputfilter "ScriptVars" cannot disabled
The test if the filter is enabled has no effect.
in *modules/output_filter/filters/filterScriptVars.php* line 10:

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